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Positive Power

Positive Power creates power in all our essential functional muscles. We create powerful muscles for everyday life, not massive muscles!

I can hear everyone now saying “I don’t want to get big yucky muscles!”, we guarantee you won’t get big muscles but you will get powerful ones.

Powerful muscles make your life easier, play longer with your kids, feel more comfortable in your clothes and get up in the morning with more energy to start your day.

All this in a community environment that is built on teamwork and a positive and healthy culture.

No excuses, come along and get powerful and enjoy a positive life!


Energy Kick Start

Energy Kickstart will energise you for the whole day!

We train as a team, everyone supports each other, you will want to jump out of bed every morning, we make our own inner heat by kick starting our metabolism and we get pumped with positive energy for the day ahead.

Friends and family will be asking you to slow down, where did you get all this energy and you look amazing!

Positive Energy, Positive Attitude, Positive Life!


Tennis HIIT Fit

I can’t hit a ball, cool we will all encourage you with low compression tennis balls that are easier to hit!

I’m not fit enough, cool as long as you are moving you are igniting the inner fire!

Tennis HIIT Fit has been enhanced from Tennis Australia Cardio Tennis for those people that haven’t moved for years to the super fit.

Tennis HIIT Fit enables us to progress or regress an exercise to your starting point but trust me it won’t be long before you are craving for us to step it up for you.

Come join the Tennis HIIT Fit community full of fun, laughter, encouragement and of course ignite that inner fire!

Come and volley your way to positive energy, positive attitude and a positive life!

K.I.S.S Bootcamp

Do any of these sound familiar?

I don’t like the gym, I feel suffocated indoors, I work all day indoors I don’t want to train indoors!

Everything they do looks so hard, why can’t we do simple stuff, I don’t want to go as I will look funny trying to do that stuff!

I just want to get fit and healthy!

K.I.S.S Bootcamp is outdoors, and we keep it simple with low impact but high intensity movements. K.I.S.S Bootcamps is all about moving and increasing that full body movement with individual movements and group exercises.

We focus on creating a community of like minded people who want to encourage, support, laugh and push each other to the limit to obtain a sustainable fit and positive healthy lifestyle!

Small Groups

Don’t like big groups, that is perfect as small groups have a maximum of 4 people ONLY!

Organise a group of friends or family, a great way to obtain a more focused result generated outcome.

Small groups incorporates all the specific parts of the group training that relates to you!

Smart way to quicker results and a positive healthy life!

Specialised Training

Specialised Training is 1 on 1.

A specialised program tailored for you, to target what will give you your best results.

Tailored program for you that can be held outdoors or indoors at the gym located at The Mercure Resort.

Want to get the complete package, ask about the group fitness discounts when you sign up for our Specialised Training.