Generation Fit Kids

Generation Fit Kids Program


Generation Fit Kids has been designed to ensure that our current and future generations are active as every movement and moment matters.

Positive Energy has developed, researched and incorporated aspects of different programs from around the world to ensure that Generation Fit Kids is the best program that will encourage and improve fitness in a group environment plus build an understanding and knowledge of self worth, confidence, health and build social interaction.

Worried about your child, doesn’t talk to us anymore, comes and gets his dinner and eats it in his room, gets angry or frustrated quickly, his grades are dropping at school, his friends don’t come around anymore, he never goes outside and he is starting to gain some weight.

Do any of these relate to your child?


Does your child crave health and fitness, do they want to learn as much as they can to improve their current levels of fitness.  Do they want to learn the correct way to move and reduce injuries, do they want to improve their quickness of the mark, their endurance over longer distances or obtain greater power or strength.

Do any of these relate to your child?


We have a solution with Generation Fit Kids!

We not only train the body, we train the mind to think outside the square to encourage social interaction with group exercises.

Bring your kids out of their rooms and into the light, meet new friends in a fun, laughing, sweet induced environment which they will crave more and more!


Positive Energy, Positive Attitude, Positive Life!

Generation Fit Kids Holiday Program


Fear as to what your child is going to do in the school holidays!

Frustrated that they will spend to much time indoors and way to much time on electronics, not going outdoors and releasing built up energy, not active enough and doesn’t want to play with friends anymore, they get angry and frustrated quicker, their electronic games start to become realistic, falling behind at school and instead of sleeping they are on their portable devices.


What is Generation Fit Kids?

It is more than a child minding service, we have goals and a plan to educate kids in health and wellness.

A ground breaking physical education and health program that empowers all students to take responsibility for their own health. Developed by teachers for teachers, it aligns with Health, Physical Education and Common Core Anchor Standards while involving parents and families in building healthier communities, one student at a time.


Generation Fit Kids Holiday Program is an active interactive outdoor / indoor fun fitness program with a twist.  We create a friendly and fun environment, all our kids walk away with new friends, expend lots of energy through laughing, sweating in fun group activities including fitness, tennis, soccer and other games.

But here is the twist, through activities designed by teachers and personal trainers will train the mind and the body.  We play games that make the kids think outside the square to encourage students learn the holistic principles behind the vision of lifelong wellness on which Generation Fit Kids is based.

The flow moves organically from a focus on personal values, goal-setting and competencies at the outset through more general health topics like nutrition and sleep, to a global focus on community building and shared responsibility.


Let’s work together to ensure that the next generation are Fit Kids for a Fit Future!

Generation Fit Kids Holiday Program are conducted every school holidays at Positive Energy Fitness and Tennis Centre Carrara, Tallebudgera State School Tallebudgera and AB Paterson College Arundel.


Positive Energy, Positive Attitude, Positive Life