Road To Rally

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Beginner to Advance, Kids to Adults all in the one program, Keeping It Super Simple (KISS and yes I am very happy to be able to include my favourite band into the program).

Positive Energy has incorporated Tennis Australia Hot Shots Program principles, incorporated adult learning and skill sets to make one super simple systemised progressive program.

Road To Rally is incorporated into our group sessions and specialised 1 on 1 training.

Free assessments are given to all new students to determine where their entry point is in the program.

The Road To Rally Program Has 5 Key Parts:

Happy Feet

Tennis players need Happy Feet as if they have sad feet their movement around to court is going to be heavy and tennis players need to be light and glide.

Positive Energy has developed fun footwork skill sets like the Tennis Wiggle for beginners plus use the Bailey Method from the intermediate entry point.


Magical Mind

Tennis is a tactical game and players need to use their Magical Mind.

Kids are born with a fresh and open mind, they are a big ball of positive shining light that radiates to all that come into contact with them. It is as they grow and learn that they place limitations on what their Magical Mind can do.

Positive Energy understands that both kids and adults have this light and we have skills and drills that encourages this light to burn bright with developing tactics, confidence, enthusiasm, persistence, imagination (yes even adults can imagine), communication, social worth and problem solving.  All the attributes above are used in tennis to develop positive play, confidence in their strokes, tactics and continually review and self-analyse to adjust them with a clear and open mind depending on how they are travelling in a match with no limitations.


Mega Muscles

Magnificent Muscles start with muscle memory and this occurs by continuous repetitions of strokes and simple footwork patterns which includes Getting Ready, Read the Ball, React, Respond and Recover.

Then there is the progression to more specific footwork movements and the positioning of the body to perform the best shot possible.

For children we progress to stretching as when they grow the muscles can adapt to the growth spurts without causing injury or muscle soreness. Adults also need to learn the importance of stretching to release muscle tension and knots, this is prehab and decreases the risk of injury.

Then we travel into more specific strength and conditioning training where we assess the bodies strength and weaknesses and improve the weaknesses and enhance their strength. Targeting the specific identified muscles that tennis players use plus the muscles that are the most common injured including calves, rotator cuff muscles and good old tennis elbow.


Super Simple Shots

Keep It Super Simple is our main focus. Kids and adults can get overwhelmed with do this, do that, turn this way or focus here and focus over there.

Even at the intermediate and advanced level shot selection and development is simple, the best way for anyone to improve their game is repetition. We encourage our parents to hit with their kids as often as possible, as the more they hit the more repetition they receive. Plus the bonus is the hits with parent the better relationship, family activity outdoors, fun, laughter and more time away from electronic devices.

Adults are exactly the same the more hitting the better they become plus the added advantages of being outdoors, catching up with friends, meeting new friends and the most important having fun and laughing!

Tennis is a simple game, it is us who sometimes over think and make it complicated.


Radical Rally’s

Tennis is a dance or in tennis terms tennis is a rally and the ball is our partner!

We hit the ball, our opponent hits the ball, we chase the ball, they chase the ball so the most important part of rallying is watching the ball.

Positive Energy we develop consistency, power and an all court game, we encourage our students to take opportunities and be aggressive.

To assist children, learn the skill of rallying we use Tennis Australia Hot Shots Program including the Red Ball, Orange Ball and Green Ball. These balls have different compression Red Ball 25%, Orange Ball 50%, Green Ball 75% and then Yellow Ball 100%.

Excellence Program & Specialised Training

Excellence Program

Don’t like big groups, that is perfect as our Excellence Program have a maximum of 4 people ONLY!

Specifically developed for schools but has now been designed for those who want to obtain a more focused result generated outcome.

Small groups incorporates the specific parts targeting what relates to you!

Smart way to quicker results, a positive healthy life and your tennis game will improve smashingly!



Specialised Training

Specialised Training is 1 on 1.

A specialised program tailored for you, to target what will give you your best tennis game in the shortest time.

Tailored program for you that can be held at any of our venues.

Want to get the complete package, ask about the group tennis discounts when you sign up for our Specialised Training.

Smartest way to quicker results, a positive healthy life and an ace tennis game!



Matchplay is essential to children’s learning and development of their tennis game.

Every Saturday morning at our Positive Energy Fitness and Tennis Centre we conduct supervised Matchplay sessions for Red, Orange and Green Ball players.  During matchplay one of our junior coaches will be supervising giving feedback and tactical advise to assist the player improve their actual game.

Red Ball is all singles and Orange and Green Ball are both singles and doubles.


Red Ball

Red Ball is first to 7 points, where players are keep active and moving.

Red Ball matches commence at 8am and conclude 9am.


Orange and Green Ball

Orange and Green Ball have maximum 20 minute matches or first to 4 games, pending on which one comes first.  All games are completed within a hour, which allowing parents to plan their day and know exactly when their child commences and finishes.

Orange and Green Ball have 2 players in each team, each playing a singles each and than doubles.

Orange Ball commences at 9am, concluding at 10am.

Green Ball commences at 10am, concluding at 11am.


Social Play

Positive Energy Fitness and Tennis conducts Adult Social Tennis on the following nights:

Monday 6.30pm to 8pm

Friday 6.30pm to 8pm (8pm to 9pm @ The Mercure Resort Bar)

Maximum number per night is 12


Adults need adult time, down time and time to hit out their stresses from the week that is coming up and the week that was.

What a great way to do it on a tennis court, hitting, laughing and socialising with like minded people talking about everything or nothing.

Social tennis is only $10!